Live Event Image Magnification

Video can be used in many ways to enhance a live event. In addition to recording the event, we can connect the video signals to projectors and screens to make it easier for the audience to see what’s going on right now. One of the ways this technique is used is called Live Event Image Magnification, or iMag for short.

What is iMag?

iMag is a technique where we use cameras to focus on a point of interest at a live event. We display this image on large screens to make it easier for the audience to see. The simplest way this can be used is to magnify a conference presenter which allows the audience to clearly see them from afar. We often use this at concerts and gigs to make sure the whole crowd can see the artist no matter where they are in the arena.

Another advantage is to use cameras on stage or up high to provide a different vantage for the audience. For instants at a live cooking demonstration, a camera pointed down at the counter top will let the audience see what is being prepared. Combine multiple cameras and vision mixing to allow the operators to cut between the cooking and back to the chef. This technique is used regularly at sporting events to bring the audience as close to the action as possible.

Live Product Demo

iMag can be used effectively to enhance live product demonstrations. In instances where you need to showcase something in detail to a large audience, it may be hard for everyone to see what’s happening at the same time. We can get cameras right in where the action is happening. By letting a large crowd see the actions first time, iMag saves you having to repeat the demonstration numerous times to small groups.

Creative Video Solutions

iMag can be combined with other techniques and technologies to meet the specific needs of your live event. Techniques that were once available only to the largest broadcast productions are now readily available to smaller events. Cameras can be put in places that are hard to reach, or impossible to get to with your audience. If you’ve reached the room capacity but still have more people attending your conference we can stream the video to another space to expand your audience.

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